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Home-Academy Partnership


Home-Academy Partnership

At Ashingdon Academy, we recognise the importance of developing and maintaining the link between Home and Academy, to involve parent/carers as much as possible in the learning partnership, and to ensure that each child receives the best educational experience.

We aim to be a welcoming Academy and have regular 'Open Door' sessions when you are invited into your child's class to share the learning process that has been taking place. All pupils have a Planner, which is a book that canbe used for day-to-day queries when a face-to-face discussion is not always possible. Parents are also invited to their child's class assemblies throughout the year, usually once a term.

There is a weekly Newsletter to keep parents updated with events within the Academy and letters about other events / issues are also sent out when required. Curriculum Maps are published on the School Website at the beginning of each half-term providing an over-view of the learning that will be carried out in class. We run 'Parent Workshops' at different times to focus on the way we teach a certain area of the curriculum with opportunities to participate and ask questions. There have been several successful Maths Evenings covering topics such as how we teach addition and subtraction.

Parents are invited to Consultation Evenings to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher during the first two terms. During the Summer Term, the class teacher writes an end of year report to parents highlighting strengths , weaknesses, and areas for development with targets for improvement. A brief questionnaire accompanies each child's report which it is hoped parents will complete and return to us, which in turn will help us to improve our reporting and communication with parents.

We also hold an annual Open Evening, where activities and resources are set up around the Academy for children and parents to visit during the evening. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to share Academy life from all areas of the curriculum with their parents.

Our Home/Academy Agreement outlines the responsibilities of the Academy, parents, and pupils. A copy of the agreement is sent home at the beginning of the academic year, and both the parents and pupils are asked to sign it to show that we will all work together for the benefit of the children and their learning.