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Health and Safety of your child

Our main priority is to keep your child safe and healthy, and to do so, we employ the following strategies.

If your child becomes ill during the day, they will be monitored and we will telephone your contact number if we feel it is necessary to do so. Please keep these emergency contact numbers up to date and inform us as soon as any changes occur. Any cuts or grazes resulting from normal play will be dealt with by our office staff, teaching assistants, or mid-day assistants, and the child will take home a note to make parents aware of both the incident, and what first aid has been given. Both Mrs Steed and Mrs Bailey are trained First Aiders.

We are unable to administer medication to pupils for short term illnesses (e.g. cough medicine, etc.), and where the child requires such treatment throughout the day, they should remain at home. However, we are able to give medicines to children who have long term conditions (e.g. Asthma). Parents should sign a consent form available at the Academy Office. At no time should children have medicine in school without the knowledge of the Academy Staff.

If you have to collect your child during the Academy day for a medical or dental appointment, please write a note to the class teacher, or let them know in person. Parents will need to collect their child from the Academy Office.


We aim that all our children get a full-time education and we ask for the support of parents to ensure that their child regularly and punctually attends the Academy, is properly dressed, and in a fit condition to learn.

When your child is absent from the Academy for any reason, please let us know by telephone (01702 202857) or letter, by 10am on the first day of absence. If you know your child is going to be absent (e.g. Dentist appointment etc.), then advanced notification would be appreciated.

Absence for the following reasons may be authorised:

  • Medical Reasons
  • Days of Religious Observance
  • Exceptional Family Circumstances, such as Bereavement.

Special Educational Needs

As an inclusive Academy, we aim to provide a positive environment where every child is supported and encouraged through difficulties. Each class has it's own Teaching Assistant for the morning, who supports all children in their Maths and Literacy learning. The Reception class has a full-time, fully qualified Nursery Nurse who works alongside the class teacher. We also have several Teaching Assistants who work full-time and provide support for targeted pupils in various areas of the curriculum.

We identify pupils within the Academy with Special Educational Needs in order to implement individual learning programmes and interventions, using outside agencies when appropriate. We provide learning support for less able students as well as challenge and extension for the more able pupils. Parents of children with Special Educational Needs are invited to termly meetings to review their child's progress and set new targets.