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Promoting Positive Behaviour

At Ashingdon Primary Academy, we want to make sure that our pupils are able to learn within a happy, secure, and friendly environment.

Within the classroom, each class establishes it's own set of class rules. However, we have a clear set of procedures to ensure that staff act in a consistent way in rewarding good behaviour and applying sanctions for inappropriate behaviour. We strive to work in partnership with parents to encourage all our pupils to show respect for everyone as well as the environment around them.

Much of our attention is given to rewarding pupils for good behaviour or good work. We hold a Friday Academy Assembly for the Whole Academy, where certificates are presented to children who have achieved well that week. These can be achieved for things such as excellent attitude to the Academy, good listening skills, showing consideration for others and completing homework amongst many others.

Another Academy approach to positive behaviour is our 'House Reward' system. At the beginning of their Academy career, the pupils are placed in a house;

  • Saxons
  • Romans
  • Vikings
  • Tudors

Within their class, they can earn points for showing a good attitude towards their work and others. These points are collated in the Academy Hall, and at the end of the term, the winning 'House' earns a 'Reward Afternoon', such as a Messy Craft afternoon, Karaoke Disco, or Summer picnic and games at the park.

We aim to create a telling Academy where individual pupils can share their concerns with an adult. You can help us by encouraging your child to tell a teacher, learning support assistant, or mid-day assistant if they are unhappy or worried.

Where behaviour gives considerable concern, the parents will be contacted at the earliest opportunity to discuss a way forward in partnership with the class teacher.

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